The C-item

Even though the borders are gradual and the definition differs from company to company, C-items do have a great number of shared properties even beyond the limits of individual industrial companies.
...are strategically unimportant.
...cause high process costs.
...are extremely expensive to procure by comparison.
...are connected to many products and many suppliers.
...bind valuable resources that could be better used for A items.
...are just annoying!
The O-ring, a typical C-item
The O-ring, a typical C-item
In a nutshell: C-items are needed for production but usually not part of the end product. Nevertheless, C-items are not unimportant. Quite the opposite: if a low-value screw connection or a standardised O-ring is missing, entire production lines may fail in extreme cases. Many items are classified by a standard and thus easily comparable. The purchasing service provider thus can achieve more savings than any individual company by using bundling effects and product changes.
One or several C-items or a complete item group in this area are surely low-value, but the overall volume of the C-items needed in an industrial company makes up between three and five percent of the entire purchasing volume. Every operation requires C-items. No producing company can do without them.
In this respect, it is very important to find the right partner for C-parts management. We have many years of experience in many industries and have established ourselves on the market as one of the leading full-service purchasing service providers. The C-items of our customers are our A items. We take care only of this segment.
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