Lower process costs by up to 75 %

Make the procurement of C-items more efficient

The procurement of C-items is mostly time-consuming. The high process costs mean that the procurement effort often considerably exceeds the goods value. With us as the external purchaser of C-items, you significantly lower the procurement costs. Experience shows: The saving effect from the slimmer processes exceeds the effort for the service by far. These are unreviewable results from daily practice.
At precise review of the procurement process, clear differences in time expenditure result that are reflected in the costs. If an order costs 100 Euro on the traditional path, the effort will reduce to less than 25 Euro when BSM is brought in. At 2,000 order processes per year, an extrapolated savings potential of 150,000 Euro results. Many companies have already recognised what effects savings in purchasing may have on the result.
The administrative effort is essentially reduced. We act as the interface between the customer and the various suppliers.
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