Trust in our know-how

Procurement safety

The subjects of safety and reliability in purchasing play a decisive role in multiple aspects. First, it is about ensuring the actual procurement. We therefore limit our activities for new customers to a few item areas first. We then assume the complete C-item management very quickly to uncover possible savings potentials and optimise the purchasing process. In the scope of mutual learning processes, this creates a relationship of trust that permits adjusting to each other.

Financial safety

Your orders are pre-accounted and thus give you the safety of correct budget compliance. We also assume auditing of invoices to ensure that all items are accurate. Additionally, we provide an interface for the transfer of relevant data into your ERP system on request.

Data safety

The subject of safety also refers to the access to our WebShop and the ordering process as such. Only authorised employees of a company can enter our database with its more than 3 million items by entering their individual passwords. In advance, every user is assigned fixed budgets and order competences on request. Where budgets are exceeded, the system automatically informs the relevant department. Only after release by the authorising office will the binding order be triggered.

Supplier safety

In respect to our supplier, safety and reliability play a decisive role. Here, we cooperate solely with known and reliable market participants who ensure smooth processing. Rare niche products from less known suppliers are purchased by us as well - we will find what you are looking for! Fixed deadlines provide an additional degree of safety. We always pursue all deadlines attentively and will take measures at once when things get urgent.

You'll be in good hands with us!
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