Your full service provider for C-items

Aligned with the individual requirements of our customers

We live in a world characterised by division of labour - this does not apply to the larger groups. The producing industry is increasingly focussing on its core competences. BSM hat has recognised the situation and specialised in the procurement of C-items as a full service. We support our customer in all procurement questions and assume purchasing responsibility.
Our service also includes auditing of invoices. We also provide accounting according to the customer's wishes as an appendix for the monthly overall invoice. Where it seems sensible, the suppliers will switch to cost centre supply, which considerably relieves incoming goods.
Expedited orders, short delivery terms, individual procurement: we react very flexibly and quickly to requirements under a tight schedule. Of course, we always pursue all deadlines attentively and will take measures at once when things get urgent.

Our core competence: C-item procurement
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