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"We solve every procurement problem." Since we never shy away from a challenge we have built a reputation in both standard catalogue article procurement and, above all, in free text requisitions. Your drawing components and production-related requirements are also in good hands with us because we are your personal purchaser.

Responsibility in Purchasing

We don't just route your orders through.

  • We research new procurement sources and compare quotes
  • We check the plausibility of orders and make suggestions for product optimisation
  • Our deadline monitoring identifies critical components and reduces downtime


Your C-parts are our A-parts. When it comes to indirect demands, strategic purchasing is difficult because costs are often disproportionate to benefits. We take over full responsibility for this area of procurement. Using product group strategies, product optimisations and bundling effects, we effectively generate measurable savings – on a supplier-neutral basis and on commercial terms.


Your personal contact

We drive customer focus, in everything we do. You won't find a call centre at BSM. Our purchasers have fixed customer assignments and cater exclusively to your needs. Your personal contact is familiar with your company.

Our field service team provides support and assistance at your premises during product changes. We organise direct contact with the supplier for in-depth technical consultations.


The single creditor model

We reduce the number of your creditors to 1.

  • We pay for you up front
  • We check order confirmations and invoices and handle complaints management
  • We provide you with a preassigned collective invoice in all commonly used formats 


With us, you can optimise your procurement activities with a lean, standardised process. That applies to both catalogue orders and free text requisitions. The consumers place their orders directly on our procurement platform. This eliminates the need for maintaining master data and verifying order confirmations or invoices - in future we will take care of all of these tasks.

Evaluations let you keep track of the situation at all times. Our monthly collective invoice is preassigned and sent in PDF, Excel or CSV format. We also provide you with individual reports on request.


Free text requisitions

Whatever you're looking for – we've found it already! Not everything can be sourced from standard catalogues, and those products tend to be the most effort-intensive.

We live for the unusual. Offbeat products are a fundamental element of our service. You can submit free text requisitions and upload files for anything from astronaut helmet to udder sprinkler in the BSM Webshop. Our purchasers can procure any article, however unconventional.

BSM Webshop

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Over 6 million articles from more than 6000 suppliers
  • Standard catalogue articles and free text requisitions
  • Budgeting and approval workflows according to your specifications
  • ERP integration via an interface (such as OCI and openTRANS XML) 

Value-added procurement services

Do you want to retain purchasing responsibility for a product group, but don't have the time for intensive market research? Do you have a project, but the requisite personnel capacities are needed elsewhere?

We take over all of your purchasing processes for you. We offer you the opportunity to lease personnel to cover temporary requirements – at an attractive hourly rate. There are no limits to applications and no fixed range of services. We take on every challenge. 


Practical examples:

  • Procurement market analyses including quotation evaluations, price comparisons and optimisation suggestions
  • Project management for drawing-related production parts, from the market research stage through to completion
  • Stock level assessments

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