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1. What makes BSM stand out from other providers?

We don't sell you anything. We view ourselves as an outsourced part of your purchasing process and as part of your company's workforce. Goods are procured on a supplier-neutral basis and on commercial terms. We pass on any savings directly to you.

2. What is the BSM system?

  • We take over the full purchasing responsibility for the product groups you specify.
  • We undertake active purchasing work.
  • We’re happy to assist you personally at any time.
  • We procure free text requisitions of any kind for you.

3. What advantages do I have with BSM?

  • Your in-house purchasing team has more time for strategically important matters.
  • We reduce your process costs.
  • We save you money through bundling effects and product optimisations.
  • We reduce your administrative workload and the number of your creditors to one.

4. How big should a company be to make it practicable to work with BSM?

Generally speaking, any manufacturing company can benefit from our procurement service. We have companies with between 50 and 17,000 employees in our customer base.

5. What about personal support?

Our purchasers are exclusively assigned to you and they familiarise themselves with your company. Our field service team provides support and assistance at your premises during product changes. We organise direct contact with the supplier for in-depth technical consultations.

6. Can BSM help with occasional spot requisitions?

No. Outsourcing parts of the purchasing process is a fundamental decision, and our service is conceived as a long-term collaboration. However much we enjoy purchasing – the occasional procurement of spot requisitions or participating in calls for tenders contradicts the underlying idea behind our business model. Of course, this doesn't mean that you have to relinquish purchasing responsibility for all your product groups to us.

7. Would BSM be competing with my internal purchasing department?

No. We don't compete with internal purchasing departments, we reduce their workloads. We don't destroy jobs either. But we do reduce your process costs and give you more time for value-adding activities. 

8. Technically speaking, how does BSM provide the procurement services to me?

In our BSM Webshop there are over six million articles from more than 6000 suppliers. The standardised user interface, combined with multi-channel supplier integration and free text input, covers your entire procurement process to provide a one-stop shopping experience. 

9. What budgeting and authorisation options exist in the BSM Webshop?

You can define budgets and authorisers for an approval process comprising up to three levels, e.g. user, department or cost centre.

10. Are interfaces to my ERP system possible?

You can request us to link the BSM Webshop to your ERP system via an interface. As well as common standards such as OCI and openTRANS XML, individual solutions can be realised. The approval process can still take place internally and you have all the necessary data in your ERP system. And all this without the inconvenience of data entry and administration.

11. Is effective controlling still possible?

Each purchase order item is preassigned and goes through an approval workflow. Our monthly statement and individual reports ensure that you always have full control over your costs.

12. Is there a guarantee that BSM will always offers the best terms and conditions?

Even we can't guarantee the lowest prices. But we can focus on the total costs and guarantee you bottom line savings.

13. How do I know that BSM is acting in my interests?

We aren’t interested in short-lived high returns from inflated prices. Instead, we want to convince you with long-term purchasing excellence. 

BSM doesn’t allow any maverick buying. Fixed budgets and ordering responsibilities can be assigned to all users, and our purchasers check orders for plausibility.

14. What if I can't find an article in the BSM web shop?

Free text requisitions are a fundamental element of our service. In the BSM web shop you can submit free text requisitions and upload files.

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